AC60 Medium Voltage VFD Drives
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AC60 Medium Voltage VFD Drives

AC60 Medium Voltage VFD Drives

  • Advanced and high precision V/F control mode
  • Developed with rich terminal functions
  • Designed with common PID control and closed loop pressure PID control mode
  • Available for applying in various kinds of occassions with stable performance.

AC60 Medium Voltage VFD Drives Overview

VEICHI AC60 is one of the general purpose medium voltage drives adopting the latest V/F control and multiple PID control modes. It is a stable, function-rich VFD drive.


Industry-leading V/F control mode

1. Low harmonic output which effectively extends the service life of motor.
2. Carrier frequency: the temperature of module is automatically adjusted in order to adapt to the environment.
3. Ultra-low carrier frequency technology that it effectively reduces the output leakage current.
4. Flexible multi-segment V/F control method. AC60 is developed with powerful automatic torque boost function thta it automatically provides large starting torque.


Rich terminal functions


1. External terminal VS1: 0 ~ 10V, external terminal VS2: -10V ~ 10V, external terminal AS: 4 ~ 20mA, RS485, pulse input frequency.
2. Designed with rich functions such as start, stop, reversing, inching, multispeed, free parking, reset, acceleration and deceleration time selection, frequency setting channel selection, external fault alarm and more.
3. Multiple output modes such as relay output, the collector output, 0 ~ 10V output, 4 ~ 20mA output, frequency pulse output.


Fast and stable PID control functions


VEICHI AC60 general purpose VFD driver supports multiple PID control modes such as normal PID control and closed-loop pressure special PID control which makes it applicable in a broader range of fields and more industry-specific.