Falcon 7000M
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Falcon 7000M

Falcon 7000M

The Falcon 7000 range of VFI (double conversion mode) Three Phase Online UPS from 10kW – 1500 kW is the first high power, transformer free UPS systems designed specifically to function efficiently in adverse power and site conditions found in India and other emerging markets. It has a Smart Sleep mode for energy saving and prolonging the life of systems by monitoring runtime of critical components. With Online Hot swappable power module, a static bypass module, modular design with N+X redundancy and a battery cold start feature, it gets going right away. There is an independent LCD display for each module


  •  Falcon 7000M 25-1500kW
  • Falcon 7000M 10-60kW


    Features & Benefits

    • Online Hot swappable power modules.
    • Static bypass module
    • Modular design with N+X redundancy
    • Battery Cold Start feature
    • Independent LCD display for each module
    • Smart Sleep mode for energy saving & prolonging life of system
    • Monitor runtime of critical components