Fuji ALPHA 5 Smart
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Fuji ALPHA 5 Smart

ALPHA 5 Smart

Fuji Alpha 5 Smart Series is equipped with the new auto-tuning function. Optimal tuning can be realized even for low-rigidity devices. Easy adjustments are possible, even for long belt mechanisms, gears with considerable backlash and rack and pinion mechanisms. Motors will run smoothly without oscillating, even with varying rigidity in belt tensions, for example. They have been designed for a long life with ambient conditions of 30 degrees on average, a load factor within 80% and an operation rate of 20 hours a day. Smart design ensures that positioning function is built as standard. No external units or special equipment is required for positioning. It can be used on site, or off site in offices. Test operations like reading, writing, teaching and saving parameters can be carried out easily on site and the data can be checked or edited back at the office.

Features & Benefits

  • Smart adjustment: Advanced auto-tuning function and robust performance for unprecedented smart adjustment
  • Smart design: Inherits the main features of ALPHA5. Highly adaptable smart design
  • Smart operation: The new Servo Operator allows smart operation anytime anywhere
  • High Performance: High-speed, high-precision positioning
  • Frequency response 1500 Hz
  • Max motor speed 6000 r / min
  • High-resolution encoder
  • 18-bit ABS/INC 262,144 pulses
  • 20-bit INC 1,048,576 pulses
  • High Value: Higher cost-performance with original main features
  • High Usability: New servo operator offers improved usability






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