Fuji Electric Manual Motor Starters and Contactors
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Fuji Electric Manual Motor Starters and Contactors

Fuji Electric Manual Motor Starters and Contactors

Fuji’s BM3 Motor Starter Series has circuit breaker and overload relay functions that meet cUL listed group installation regulations of the national electrical code and reduces the number of circuit breakers or fuses in your motor control panel. Fuji Electrics’ MMS can be combined with the SC-E series contactor for a combination starter. Fuji’s MMS type E and F are cUL listed as self-protected combination controllers and replace a UL489 circuit breaker or fuse in a motor branch circuit. Manual Motor Starters provide optimal protection by integrating the functions of a molded case circuit breaker and thermal overload relay into a highly compact unit.
The DUO series adds a new family of compact, high-performance combination starters to manual motor starters BM3 series, magnetic contactors SK and SC-E series, and thermal overload relays TK12 and TK-E series to form a complete line-up of motor control products.
Combination starters combined with manual motor starters and contactors, provides 52% reduction for mounting space and 90%reduction for wiring work to make a control panel. Short-circuit protective coordination is in place between protective devices and the equipment to be protected. The devices conform to UL including Type E, Type F, CSA, IEC and other international standards.

Features & Benefits


•All accessories can be used with BM3R (45mm wide) and
BM3V (55mm wide) frames

•Accessories are easily mounted
Internal auxiliary contact blocks and alarm contact blocks can be mounted on front side.

•External auxiliary contact blocks can be mounted on either
the right or left side

•Shunt trip and undervoltage trip devices are available in a
wide range of operating voltages

Standard and emergency external handles are available.

• IP20 terminal cover prevents accidental contact to
electrically charged parts.



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