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The Fuji Electric IGBT modules have been developed to be used as switching elements for the power converters of variable-speed drives for motors, uninterruptable power supplies, and others. An IGBT is a semiconductor device that combines the high-speed switching performance of a power MOSFET with the high-voltage/high-current handling capabilities of a bipolar transistor.
In the 7th-generation X series, the IGBT and diode devices that constitute the modules have been made thinner and miniaturized to optimize the device structure. This has reduced the power loss during inverter operation compared with the conventional products. Fuji Electric’s 6th-generation V Series has provided a 10% inverter loss reduction and 11°C chip temperature reduction. This contributes to energy saving and power cost reduction on the equipment on which the module is installed.
A newly developed insulating substrate has been applied in order to improve the module’s heat dissipation. This combined with the reduced power loss suppresses heat generation, which makes it possible to achieve a size reduction of approximately 36% from the conventional products.
The highly reliable and highly heat resistant package and the optimization of the chip have realized a continuous operating temperature of 175°C.

Features & Benefits


  • Low loss.
  • Size reduction. 
  • High-temperature operation.




Mounting Instructions



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