Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer – Oil Cooled
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Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer – Oil Cooled

Oil cooled stabilizers are available in a range from 3 – 3500 kVA and are the No 1 Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer (SCVS) brand in India. The performance has been proven over 30 years in difficult and rugged conditions. No potentiometer adjustments are required. The input and output voltage bands, voltage sensitivity, cut off definitions and trip time delays can all be set from the front panel. The stabilizers can be set to start manually or automatically, are available in both indoor and outdoor models and offer true RMS sensing without a control transformer required for input and output The oil cooled stabilizers are suitable for CNC Machines, CMM, Textile & Spinning mills, Cold Storage units, Food processing equipment, CT scan, MRI machines, Retail outlets, Restaurants and Office applications.

Features & Benefits

  • No potentiometer adjustments
  • All parameters can be modified using the keypad in the front panel
  • Set input voltage band
  • Set output voltage
  • Set output voltage sensitivity
  • Output over / under voltage cut-off
  • Input over voltage / under voltage cut-off
  • Over load cut-off
  • Trip time delay adjustments with variable setting
  • Opto isolated motor driven control
  • Manual and auto start facility
  • Common control card – any capacity
  • Output start and stop facility
  • Fully micro control function
  • Generator compatibility
  • Both outdoor and indoor models
  • True RMS sensing without control transformer for output and input