V5-MC104 Motion Controller
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V5-MC104 Motion Controller

V5-MC104 Motion Controller

  • Support multiple programming languages
  • Support a variety of communication modes
  • Support 16-axis synchronous motion; control cycle is within 1ms
  • Adopt a multi-axis closed-loop high-speed pulse acquisition interface


V5 motion controller  Overview

The V5-MC104 series motion programmable logic controller is a multi-axis motion controller developed based on a high-performance processor designed for various industrial automation environments.


1. Support 16-axis synchronous motion, control cycle 125s-1ms.
2. Powerful I/O management and functions meet the logic control requirements of the control system.
3. Modular thinking, convenient function module packaging.
4. Good inheritability, shorten the project development cycle.
5. Users can choose the programming method according to their own habits.
6. Integrate multiple function blocks, just call to apply.
7. Support multiple communication methods.
8. A variety of programming methods, easy to use.



Wide range of applications


1. Support jog movement, linear interpolation, arc, 3D arc, electronic gear/cam, etc.
2. Built-in a large number of convenient industry function instructions, such as winding, tracking shear, flying shear, packaging, and other industry modules, make the application very simple.
3. Function blocks such as integrated synchronous follow-up, full-closed-loop control, and multi-axis cooperative motion control can be applied simply by calling.