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With FRENIC-VG, Fuji has concentrated its technologies to deliver the best-performing inverter on the market. In addition to basic performance, this model features the following dramatic improvements: support for previously difficult applications due to technical and capability limitations, user-friendly maintenance, and environmental friendliness and safety. It has a built-in converter (rectifier) and control circuit, an external DC reactor as standard for 75kW or higher capacities and allows for easier arrangements for small scale systems. The converter and invertor sections are separately set in this type. Large capacity systems with low maintenance are easily built. The converters can be used in both situations where no power regeneration is required or where it is required along with harmonic control.

Features & Benefits


  • Powerful: from 0.75 kW to 630 kW in triple rating HD, LD and MD
  • Strong: even though in hard environment such as sulfurizing gas, salty environments, dust, humidity, etc.
  • Flexible: IM (open and closed loop) and PMSM (open* and closed loop) control
  • Torque accuracy: +/- 3%
  • Current loop bandwidth: 2000 Hz
  • Speed control accuracy: +/- 0,005%
  • Speed loop bandwidth: 600 Hz
  • Connected to the world: USB on board, typical field buses and Ethernet based field bus
  • Making safety easier: STO, SS1, SLS, SBC
  • All applications solved: Cranes, rubber, paper, winding, test benches, press, shipboard winch, flying shear, positioning, etc are included
  • Adaptable and versatile: 5 slots for adjusting to the requirements, real  time built in, FULL PLC on board optional, etc.
  • *Coming soon








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